How to Hide Games on PS5

Mastering Privacy: How to Hide Games on PS5



The PlayStation 5 is a powerhouse of gaming, offering a vast library of titles for players to enjoy. However, not every game in your collection may be one you want to showcase to friends or family. If you’re wondering, “How to hide games on PS5?” you’re in the right place. In this guide, we’ll explore the steps to master your privacy settings on the PS5, ensuring that your gaming experience is tailored to your preferences.

Understanding the Need for Game Hiding: Tailoring Your Gaming Space


Personalizing Your Gaming Experience: The Need for Privacy:


As your gaming library grows, you might accumulate titles that you’d prefer to keep private for various reasons. Whether it’s to surprise someone with a newly purchased game or simply to organize your gaming space, the ability to hide games on the PS5 provides a valuable layer of customization.

When to Hide Games: Privacy Preferences and Surprises:


Consider scenarios where you may want to hide games – from keeping a surprise game purchase under wraps to maintaining a more streamlined gaming interface. The ability to curate your gaming collection adds a personal touch to your PS5 experience.

Accessing the Library: Where Your Games Reside


Navigating the Library: Your Gateway to Games:


To embark on the journey of hiding games on the PS5, start by navigating to the Library. This section houses your entire game collection, including both installed titles and those in your library. It serves as the central hub for managing your gaming content.

Sorting and Filtering: Organizing Your Collection:


Before delving into hiding games, familiarize yourself with the sorting and filtering options available in the Library. These tools enable you to organize your games based on various criteria, making it easier to locate specific titles or categories.

Hiding Games: Step-by-Step Guide



Step 1: Access the Library: Your Gaming Hub:

Begin by accessing the Library on your PS5. You can do this by selecting the Library icon on the main dashboard. This will open up a comprehensive view of your gaming collection.


Step 2: Locate the Game to Hide: Navigating Your Library:

Once in the Library, scroll through your game collection to locate the title you wish to hide. Games can be organized based on various criteria, such as recently played, alphabetical order, or by platform.


Step 3: Options Button: Your Key to Customization:

Highlight the game you want to hide, then press the Options button on your controller. This button opens a context menu with various actions you can perform on the selected game.


Step 4: Hide Game: Making Your Choice:

In the Options menu, look for the “Hide Game” option. Selecting this option will prompt a confirmation dialogue to ensure you intend to hide the chosen game. Confirm your decision, and the game will be hidden from your Library and main gaming interface.


Step 5: View Hidden Games: Managing Your Hidden Collection:

If you ever wish to view or unhide hidden games, navigate to the Library, press the Options button, and choose the “Hidden Games” option. Here, you can manage your hidden collection and reverse the hiding process if needed.

Considerations and Customization: Tailoring Your Gaming Space


Privacy and Surprises: A Consideration for Gifted Games:


Hiding games becomes particularly useful when you’ve purchased a game as a gift for someone who shares the same console. Keeping the game hidden ensures that your surprise remains intact until the perfect moment.

Organizing Your Library: Streamlining the Interface:


Beyond privacy, the ability to hide games allows for a more streamlined and organized gaming interface. You can choose to showcase only the titles you’re currently playing or those that align with your gaming mood, reducing clutter and enhancing the visual appeal of your Library.

Security Measures: Password Protection and Parental Controls


Password Protection: Adding an Extra Layer:


For an additional layer of security, consider using the PS5’s password protection feature. By setting up a passcode for your profile, you can restrict access to your hidden games and ensure that only authorized users can unveil them.

Parental Controls: Managing Access for Family Members:


If you share your PS5 with family members, especially younger ones, explore the parental control settings. These settings allow you to manage and restrict access to certain games based on their content ratings, ensuring a family-friendly gaming environment.

Reversing the Process: Unhiding Games When Needed


Accessing Hidden Games: Unveiling Your Collection:


Should you ever wish to unhide a game, the process is just as straightforward. Navigate to the Library, press the Options button, and select “Hidden Games.” From here, choose the game you want to unhide and follow the prompts to restore it to your visible collection.

Customization Flexibility: Tailoring Your Library Over Time:


The flexibility to hide and unhide games on the PS5 allows you to customize your gaming space over time. As your preferences evolve or as new features are introduced, you have the freedom to adjust your Library to suit your changing needs.

Conclusion: How to Hide Games on PS5


In conclusion, the ability to hide games on the PS5 is a valuable feature that enhances your gaming experience by providing customization and privacy options. Whether you’re organizing your Library, planning a surprise for a friend, or simply curating your gaming space, the steps outlined in this guide empower you to master your gaming privacy on the PlayStation 5. Embrace the flexibility that the PS5 offers, ensuring that your gaming collection reflects your unique preferences and surprises are kept intact until the perfect gaming moment arrives.


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